Unhappy Suprise

Just recently, I was speaking with a client who had purchased his Medicare insurance from me.  I asked about his wife and he responded that she had passed away earlier this spring from pneumonia while in the hospital.  I expressed my condolences.  He then went on to say that she had three life insurance policies.  Turns out all three were “accidental” policies, which of course, were worthless in this situation.  He thought he had coverage to help pay for her final expenses.

Here is why I encourage you to get an insurance review:

1.)    Insurance policies are detailed legal documents that, generally, the public is not trained to read and digest.  You deserve an expert on your side to explain in plain language what you have.

2.)    You may not remember exactly what you bought.  Sometimes clients think they have permanent cash value policies and they are only term policies.  Or, you may have an old “universal life” policy that may not be there when you need it most.

3.)    Your circumstances change.  What you thought you needed then may not be right for you now.  Twice, I have found that now disabled clients had coverage build into their policy that will now pay their premiums.  Sometimes, you are still paying for a children’s rider when the children are grown and no longer covered.

4.)    The insurance agent who sold you the policy may not have known what was best for you or you have lost touch with them over the years.  Often times, beneficiary information needs to be updated.

5.)    The insurance field have evolved, like every other business, there may better options for you now.  Term rates are lower now than previous years.  You can buy policies with “living benefits.”  This is insurance you don’t have to die to use.  The face value can be accessed if you have a critical medical situation such as cancer or stroke.  It also can be used to pay for long term care expenses.


Frankly, I have offered free insurance reviews for years.  Very few people take me up on my offer.  I’m sure some people are concerned that it is my “foot in the door” tactic, and it is.  But my way of conducting business is finding the best product for you.  If you already have it, I’ll tell you so and not try to twist your arm to buy another or different policy.  My current clients know this, and I hope you’ll take the chance and discover that this is a true statement. There is nothing more reassuring to you and your family’s future than knowing you have the right policies for your needs.

Did you know that life insurance proceeds are not taxed? Life insurance is a GREAT product with many uses and benefits.  Contact me soon to get a review so you will be happy with your choices.

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