Money 101 and Wine, Women and Wealth

I am recently affiliated with Five Rings Financial. Together, our hope is to educate potential clients about the principles of money. We go to school for 12-16 years and most of us do not know the basics of protecting our family’s finances and growing money for college funding, retirement, or times when life throws us a curveball.

Many people are intimidated by money. It is our hope that meeting in a non-threatening, non-sales orientated setting will allow us all to learn a little bit more about money. So, if you are a woman, please join us for a girl’s night out. We network, taste wine and food and learn just a little bit about wealth. Everyone is invited to have some tasty food at the Money 101 classes. Bring a notepad, and listen to the fundamental principles of money.
Both of these events are complimentary and you are welcome to bring a guest/friend. We only ask that you RSVP so that we can plan for you.

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