Life Insurance

This product is only for those individuals who love someone.   Whether death occurs prematurely or later in life, those left behind will have financial challenges.  You can protect your loved ones from that chaos.  In addition, a life policy is a great deal.  You pay pennies on the dollar for financial protection for your loved ones.  If your policy accrues interest, it is not taxed and you can borrow from it. The death benefit creates an instant estate, again tax-free.  Essentially there are two types of life insurance; term and permanent.  They are called by a variety of other names and each fulfills a different need.  Paula can help you evaluate your individual needs and tailor a plan to insure your family’s future.

There are many factors that determine the premiums (cost) of a policy.  The process of determining your specific risk is called underwriting.  The insurance company takes your age, gender, health, build, smoking status and more, plus how much coverage you want, into consideration to determine your exact rate.  However, Paula can give you a good estimate by just asking her.  The insurance companies pay her a commission, so there is no cost, obligation or pressure to consult with her.

Paula represents many reputable insurance companies including:

  • Genworth Life/First Colony
  • Prudential
  • AIG
  • American General
  • West Coast Life
  • Met Life
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Monumental Life
  • Royal Neighbors of America

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