Death insurance versus Life Insurance with Living Benefits

My father did not believe in life insurance. He called it death insurance. As much as I hate to admit it, he had a point. Someone had to die in order to utilize its benefits; but not any longer. We now have Life Insurance for Life. It is the newest thing protecting your family from financial ruin. We hear of the term “multitasking” all the time. Life insurance for Life, also known as “Living Benefits,” is a wonderful insurance product that provides multiple benefits depending on what life throws at you. There are three major things that can play havoc with your family’s financial well being. One is dying too soon – income stops. Two is living too long- you can run out of money. Three- becoming ill – medical care can suck up all your money.

People say that to protect themselves, they might become “insurance poor”, buying life insurance, disability income insurance, critical care insurance, cancer insurance, and long-term care insurance. Add to that, saving for retirement by putting good money away that is subject to taxes when you need it.

I am happy to tell you that there is now a solution. You can buy one insurance product that will give you blanket protection, multitask if you will. And the great news is that it is affordable. It is Indexed Universal Life Insurance with Living Benefits. Most insurance agents can not offer it. I can help you protect your family’s financial security today.

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